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                                           Welcome to wine Kuban
    Surprisingly the North - East coast of the Black Sea (Kuban) is one of the best places in the world for wine growing. This new method of wine making centers in modern Krasnodar region, or kray to Russians. It is based on style of wine making and traditions of local vinedressers. At  the same time  most of the  local wine plants use technologies designed by Soviet  scientists. This makes the local wines  unique liquids  which can be tasted only during the visit of Kuban wine plants.
    The best white dry wines are made from the grapes growing in the northern regions. Most Kuban vineyards is located in such climatic zone. This explains why the character of the wines has a slight sour taste.
    The sour taste itself is not be a drawback fo the wine. All Kuban dry wines share this.. It is neither bad nor good, nearly a whim of nature. It is a local peculiarity and nowhere else in the world you can fine wines with above mentioned taste qualities.

   And the  only reason for people to travel is new unique feelings and  fresh  impressions.


  Krasnodar region is the southern  region of modern Russia.
  Kuban is the North - Eastern part  of Krasnodar region.





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